10 ways how to get spray paint off a mirror

How to get spray paint off a mirror: 10 best removal tips Paint FAQs

Have you been designing and decorating your furniture and accidentally spray paint splashed on the mirror? Or you have children who like to draw and paint and, working with spray paint, stained the mirror.

And now you are faced with the question of how to clean the mirror from aerosol paint. It is known that spray painting is fun and easy, but sometimes mistakes happen when spray painting.

You are likely to get very upset when you accidentally spray on the mirror and can’t figure out how to erase the paint. Especially if it’s an expensive mirror that you love!

Can you remove dried spray paint?

Oil paints differ from conventional paints, they stick firmly to glass surfaces, and this makes it difficult to remove them by natural means. And even when aerosol paints dry out, they don’t just fall off.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to remove the spray paint from the mirror.

remove dried spray

How do I get paint off a mirror?

Below there are 10 ways to remove spray paint stains. Read on for how you can remove spray paint from a mirror surface.

1. Nail polish remover

Nail polish remover is the most trouble-free method to get spray paint off the mirror, as it is easy to find. This is the easiest way to remove paint stains from a mirror surface.

Moreover, nail polish remover can be easily purchased at the nearest store.

It contains acetone, a solvent, it contains a chemical that helps dissolve aerosol paint. Take a folded paper or cotton swab and dip it in nail polish remover. Apply a wet substance to the contaminated area.

You may need to press a little harder on the cotton swab to remove the stain with nail polish remover. Be careful not to break the glass.

2. Vinegar

Another remedy that is always at hand is vinegar. It is better, of course, to use cleaning vinegar. It is slightly different from ordinary vinegar. Furthermore, it will only take you a few minutes to remove spray paint with cleaning vinegar.

Cleaning vinegar does an excellent job of removing such stains. Put on rubber gloves, apply vinegar with a cotton swab and leave for a few minutes so that it is absorbed.

After that, wipe the spray paint with a soft cloth.


3. Paint thinner

Using a stronger paint remover like acetone (or paint thinners) can help to get spray paint off mirror, especially if your regular nail polish does not work.

It is necessary to work with such compositions, as paint thinners, in rubber gloves. It is also important to make sure that the room is well-ventilated. Furthermore, it is better, even if possible, to take the mirror outside and erase the stains.

To loosen the dried paint, apply a moistened cloth and wait for a while until the paint swells. Then you can easily erase the stain.

So, if more gentle means do not help, and the spots of spray paint have already dried and fixed, use a paint thinner.

Paint thinner

4. Hair dryer

If you don’t have the items listed above, but you urgently need to wipe off the spray paint, you can use a hair dryer. This is a fairly effective means of removing aerosol paint.

First, loosen the paint by spraying a soap solution on the affected area. Then turn on the hair dryer, hold it as close to the surface of the mirror as possible, and heat the contaminated area with a hot stream of air.

After that, you can try using a plastic card to pry the paint on the go when it heats up.

5. Scraper

You can carefully scrape off the paint with a thin scraper if nothing helps. Very carefully scrape off the area where there is a stain on the mirror.

The main thing is not to press hard because this can lead to scratches on your mirror.

When you have scraped off the remaining paint, wipe the mirror with the remaining paint with a damp towel. It can help you to get spray paint off mirror successfully.

6. WD-40

Another inexpensive product for removing aerosol paint from mirrors is WD-40.

WD-40 will cope to get spray paint off because it acts as a degreaser. WD-40 dissolves this type of substance, so it breaks the bonds in the paint and makes it easy to erase it.

Apply the substance to a clean cloth and wipe the entire soiled area with it. Make sure that there are no traces left after removing the paint.

7. Hairspray

Hairspray is well suited for removing spray paint from a mirror, in case you don’t have any of the other items listed above. Just spray the hairspray, leave it on for a minute, and then wipe off the paint.

Most likely, you will have to do this a couple of times to get spray paint off mirror.

After that, use a clean cloth to wipe the area with water to remove any traces that remain.


8. Melamine Sponge (magic eraser)

The melamine sponge is probably at your fingertips. Spray warm soapy water on the stain with a spray gun and leave it to soak for a few minutes. Take a melamine sponge and rub it on the spot area several times.

Then you will see how the dirt will disappear after a while. This method works great with large floor mirrors.

9. Sponge made of steel wool

The easiest and fastest way to remove spray paint from a mirror is to use a steel wool sponge. Surely, you have such a sponge at home. A sponge made of steel wool is usually used to clean pans and pots.

But they also do a good job of wiping dried spray paint off the mirror. Wet the sponge, rub the mirror, and then wipe with a wet cloth.


10. Rubbing alcohol

The next method is to remove the aerosol paint from the mirror using rubbing alcohol. This method is effective, and the alcohol evaporates very quickly.

Put a little alcohol on a cotton swab, apply it to the contaminated surface, and then wipe until the paint is removed. By the way, with alcohol glasses, you can also easily wash off the paint.

8. Graffiti removal

If there is a large spot of spray paint on the mirror, use a graffiti remover. As the name suggests, it is a well—known tool for removing graffiti signs.

Such a tool can be bought in any hardware store or in a home goods store. Graffiti remover easily removes spray paint stains from surfaces.

Before using this tool, take paint tape and seal the mirror frame so as not to spoil it in the process. Then spray the graffiti remover onto the stain and leave it on for a few minutes. After that, wipe the mirror surface with a cotton ball or paper towel.

Graffiti removal

9. Oven cleaner

These products contain chemicals that are quite aggressive and will require you to be careful. Therefore, you should protect your hands. Wear rubber gloves before starting to work with oven cleaners. Also, take care of the mirror frame, and wooden surface, and seal them with paint tape.

Only after that, spray the product on the spray paint spot, and wait 20-40 seconds. Then rub the contaminated area with a soft cloth or a cotton ball. It may require more pressure in some places, due to the uneven distribution of the substance. But the result will be great.

10. Chalk dry-erase marker

The next way is to use a dry–erase marker. It is usually used on whiteboards. It works perfectly. Furthermore, it is not recommended to use it in large areas because it is quite tedious. But it is a quick and easy solution for small spray paint stains.

You just need to swipe the marker on the paint until it disappears. Then you should remove the remnants of aerosol paint stains with a paper towel.

How do you get spray marks off a mirror?

Paint stains can be difficult to remove with gentle removers when they have become dried and strong after some days. If you find yourself in such a situation, you will have to work with paint solvents such as toluene, naphtha, Sunnyside, and turpentine.


get spray

Can spray paint be removed from glass?

It all depends on the size of the spot. The easiest way is to remove the stain with a melamine sponge or nail polish remover. But not all stains can be easily washed in this way. Sometimes it is necessary to use various chemicals, although most often this method works.


In any case, now you know how to remove a stain from an aerosol paint and will be able to choose any of the 10 methods listed above.

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