How to fix blotchy chalk paint: chalk paint mistakes and ways to solve the problem

3 ways of how to fix blotchy chalk paint mistakes easily Paint Advice

As you know, one of the most popular paints today is chalk. For it to retain its attractive appearance for a long time, it is recommended to cover the wax with chalk paint. However, this often leads to the formation of spots. You can read more about how to fix blotchy chalk paint in this article.

Why do spots appear on the chalk-painted furniture?

Before proceeding to the study of the issue, of how to fix blotchy wax on chalk-painted furniture, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the causes of stains. Quite often, users ask the question, why is chalk paint blotchy?

  1. Bad paint job. Wax is often used to make the shade of chalk paint more saturated. The product is transparent; therefore, it is not able to hide or correct defects on the surface. However, it gives off coverage. If the original chalk paint was applied incorrectly, the blotchy wax stands out more. Therefore, the wax coat is spotty.
  2. Poor mixing of wax areas. As you know, wax on chalk paint is recommended to be applied in small areas. Thanks to this, it is easier for you to control the process, and the fresh coat will be uniform. With new brush strokes, you need to slightly overlap the previous one, and then mix at the end of the work. If you ignore this requirement, the wax on chalk paint will be uneven. Therefore, irregularities are very noticeable on the surface.
  3. Excessive rubbing. Once the wax on chalk paint has been applied, the surface should then be wiped down using a clean cloth. This allows you to remove excess product, and rub it into deep layers. If one area is wiped for a long time and the other for a short time, then the coating is also uneven and spotty. It is important to do brush strokes with the same pressure force. This ensures an even finish.

How to fix blotchy chalk paint

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Quite often, people wonder, How do you fix uneven chalk paint? If the wax is stained, do not leave it in this condition. Often, immediately after the end of the work, the coating looks beautiful, after which irregularities begin to appear. Often this problem occurs when the staining process was carried out incorrectly.

After all, the defects are emphasized with wax, regardless of how many layers you applied. Spots can even appear because the wax was applied too abundantly. It is possible that the process of shading or working out parts was carried out incorrectly. Too much wax often causes stains. To remove the formed defects, follow the tips, which are below.

Spot polishing to fix blotchy wax

This method is considered the simplest and helps to quickly and effectively remove excess wax on chalk paint. However, work should be carried out only after the wax has dried thoroughly. Often this takes at least a day. Wax should not be sticky or shrink. It is recommended to work with a lint-free cloth or a special polishing brush.

When the wax on chalk paint has thoroughly hardened, start working on the stains. It is necessary to press a little on the surface, but not hard so that the wax is not scratched. It is recommended to work in a circular motion. You can also move forward and backward. Some even combine several techniques. Don’t forget to check if the stain evens out or disappears.

If there is a fixation of blotchy wax, continue to work to achieve a uniform layer. Often there are situations when polishing cannot remove stains. In this case, other methods described below are relevant.

Applying fresh wax. Removing blotchy wax and reapplying a new layer

This is a fairly optimal method for correcting blotchy wax on a surface that has been painted with chalk paint. For work, you should prepare a lint-free napkin or a special wax brush. You also need high-quality wax. The best solution is to use Annie Sloan Soft wax.

It is necessary to apply a small layer of wax on chalk paint over the resulting stains. Regardless of the tool for work, it is recommended to apply wax to the entire surface of the product. Often the application of a fresh coat helps to correct stains. If the surface still does not look attractive, it is recommended to pay attention to another method.

Often you have to work from scratch. First, you need to remove the old layer of wax using special tools. Then start working from the very beginning. For work, you should prepare a clean lint-free rag, as well as a white spirit. This quickly removes the old layer.

Apply enough solvent to a rag, and apply it to the old coating. Make circular motions until the blotchy wax dissolves and disappears. Determining that the blotchy wax has been removed is fairly easy. The texture of the chalky paint immediately begins to be felt if you run your hand over the surface.

In the end, do not forget to additionally wipe the surface with a rag with a solvent to remove any wax residue. After that, leave the surface for several hours so that it dries well. After that, you need to recover the chalk paint finish with wax with a clean lint-free rag or a special brush and distribute it evenly.

If you plan to apply multiple coats, each previous one must dry thoroughly. Layers should be thin. This method in most cases helps to remove wax stains from chalk paint. However, this method is not the last, and some other methods are described later.

Manifestation of cunning to fix blotchy wax

If blotchy wax still can’t be removed, you can make the chalk-painted furniture unique. To do this, it is enough to leave all the blotchy wax. They can also be covered with cloth or scraps of paper, imitating the original decoration. You can also leave all the spots on a wax coat to dry completely, then cover the surface with a stencil.

It is recommended to draw patterns with bright or dark chalk paints. It is better if they have a matte texture. Choose flat or three-dimensional stencils, focusing on the variety of imperfections. After, you need to leave all the drawings until completely solidified, and cover them with a new layer of transparent wax.

Causes of streaks on wax and chalk paint

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Chalk paint streaky can occur for several reasons. Often this happens if an excessive amount of wax has been applied, or if it has hardened so much that it is no longer possible to polish it. Often these cases are combined, which provokes additional problems.

Many people ask, how do you make chalk paint not look streaky? To correct streaks over chalk paint, it is recommended to apply thin wax coats over the top. After, they need to be distributed using a lint-free cloth or a special chalk paint wax brush.

It is recommended to work in small areas. After you need to remove too much wax with long vertical movements. This allows for much better removal of existing smears. If this method is unsuccessful, you can remove too much wax using mineral spirits and a clean cloth.

As soon as you achieve the desired result, do not rush to finish the work. In the end, apply a little thin layer of wax, and rub it in thoroughly. This seals in the chalk paint layer so that it retains its attractiveness longer.

The optimal number of wax coats over chalk paint

Quite often, users wonder how many layers of wax should be applied over chalk paint. For the correct answer, several factors should be taken into account, among which is the brand of wax used. Each manufacturer has its secrets for preparing compositions, so they all differ in texture and saturation.

If you are using popular products, 2-3 coats are required in most cases. It is best to study the information on the package before starting work. It is very important to know how many coats of wax are required to cover the chalk paint. However, if you do not apply it correctly, the number of layers does not make sense. You can read more details on how to apply wax below.

Proper application of wax over chalk paint


First, you need to purchase a soft wax, which is designed to work with chalk paint. Choose products from one manufacturer. This is the only way to achieve maximum effect, as well as a beautiful finish. If you’ve made your chalk paint, use clear furniture wax. Using a plastic knife, pick up some furniture wax and spread it on top of a plate made of paper.

This makes it easier to work with it. Put a little varnish in a separate container so that you do not have to dirty the main jar. After all, dust can settle on the brush, which is transferred to the bulk. Pick up a little wax on the tip of a special chalk paint wax brush. You can use wax tools or a round brush made of stiff bristles.

You should not immediately take a lot of products because too much wax dries for a long time, and streaks of blotchy wax may begin to form. Apply the product in a circular motion using a wax brush. The layer should be thin without too much wax. It is allowed to work from side to side; however, it is important to consider the texture of the wood.

Apply with small pressure movements so that the wax begins to penetrate the pigment. Rub in the wax until the brush dries. Then you can dial the product again. Once you have covered the entire surface, take a dry, lint-free cloth. It needs to wipe the surface to remove excess wax. It is better to collect a napkin in a small lump and then walk with uniform movements.

Keep in mind that you need to work in the direction of the wood fibers. This removes excess wax, as well as rubs it into the deep layers of the surface to be painted. During operation, a lot of wax remains on the rag. Therefore, it has to be changed periodically.

Leave the first layer of wax for a day to harden. Then you can start applying the second layer. Thanks to these simple steps, the chalk-painted furniture is securely sealed, and the coating lasts much longer.

How do you make chalk paint look smooth? How long to wait before polishing buff chalk paint wax?

In the work, you can use a special scraper designed for chalk paint. It must be firmly pressed to the surface of the wax. Once the main layers are worn, you can apply a second wax layer. After, it needs to be wiped with a dry cloth to achieve smoothness.

The wax layers should dry for about a day, after which you can start polishing them. If you touch the surface after half an hour, it seems that it has already dried out enough. However, inside the layers are soft, so it is better not to touch them.

If you polish buff chalk paint wax after half an hour, you run the risk of removing all the wax and spreading it unevenly over the surface. Because of this, the surface is covered with stripes, and you cannot achieve the desired glossy sheen.

For many, the days may seem too long. However, if you are patient and wait the right amount of time, the finish does not deteriorate. If you need to finish a project urgently, you don’t have to wait a day for the wax to dry completely.

You always have the opportunity to leave it for just 1 night, and then proceed to the polishing buff brush process. Some masters even leave the wax for 2-3 days to guarantee the best result. In this case, the coating is less polished, and you have to spend much more time working.

This is because after 24 hours the coating becomes harder and the elasticity decreases. To make it easier to control the process, you can apply a little fresh coat of wax on top of the old one. The solvents contained in the new layer soften the cured layer a little. This greatly facilitates the polishing buff brush process.

Removing dark wax from chalk paint

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If you’ve recently applied dark wax over chalk paint and want to remove it, have a clean rag ready to work with. You can also apply a little transparent wax to the surface and then walk over it with a lint-free cloth. It is allowed to use white spirit, which is applied to a clean and dry cloth. This solvent removes dark wax quite effectively.

Can you touch up chalk paint after waxing?

If necessary, you can always touch up the chalk paint a little, even if it has been coated with wax. However, work is carried out only after the wax has completely solidified. Chalk paint used for retouching is characterized by ease of application and smooth drying.


As you can see, you can fix blotchy wax over chalk paint pretty easily. The main thing is to determine the cause of their appearance, and then strictly follow the instructions for eliminating defects. However, it’s best to do everything right away so that you don’t have to fix blotchy wax later. Wonder can you use exterior paint inside, read the article

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