Bathroom accent wall ideas: photo, advice

Bathroom accent wall: Best photo ideas & prof recommendation Wall Decor Ideas

When it comes to renovations, many are faced with the problem of bathroom accent wall ideas. Read more about the most popular and relevant bathroom accent wall ideas in this article.

Bathroom accent wall

What is an accent wall? Is an accent wall allowed in the bathroom?

The accent wall in the bathroom is that part of the room that differs from the rest in design. Often, other materials, shades, or textures are used for this.

The main purpose of the bathroom accent wall is decorative. This does not exclude functionality.

The bathroom accent wall focuses attention on itself, as well as decorates the overall interior, and improves the mood.

Before deciding on bathroom accent wall ideas, it is important to understand if works are allowed. The answer to this question is positive. The choice of design depends on the preferences of the owners, as well as the overall interior of the house. You can not rely strictly on the recommendations of designers. Small individual inserts are important.

The accent wall fills the bathroom space with intrigue and focuses attention on itself. In this case, nothing in the design is knocked out.


How to make bathroom accent walls: options

Many people ask, how do you do an accent wall in a bathroom? As you know, you can use different materials and shades. For more details about the best bathroom accent wall ideas, you can read below.

Overlap option

The beautiful interior of the bathroom looks like ship binding, which blends beautifully with the finish with a glossy finish. The room becomes more comfortable. If the overlapping accents go horizontally, it visually expands the space. The vertical batten accent wall on the bathroom makes the ceilings appear higher.


Why is it useful?

Laying is carried out with tongue and groove joints so that the panels hold. A similar accent is appropriate for the bathroom because the room has constantly high levels of humidity.

How to make an accent on the bathroom walls? Can you use a floral wallpaper?

There is a wide variety of wallpapers that differ not only in materials, but also in design. If necessary, you can contact the company and order an individual drawing. The category of most popular designs includes floral wallpaper and 3D. Floral wallpaper accent wall
quickly transforms the room, while major repairs are not required.

The advantage of using floral wallpaper in the modern farmhouse is that it can be removed, or painted, whenever you wish to update the design.

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Moisture protection

Considering that the bathroom has high humidity levels, it is advisable to use vinyl-based wallpaper. They are highly durable and waterproof. It is appropriate to glue them in different places in the bathroom.

You can cover the wall with waterproofing. For this, varnish, emulsion glaze, or primer is used.

This additionally protects the coating from water.


Tile accent

Today, there are many options for tiles, which differ in shade and pattern. The choice depends solely on your preferences. It is appropriate to use contrasting and bold tones for accents. It is appropriate to experiment with shapes and textures. Laying is allowed in different directions. The mosaic tile sticks to the bathroom accent wall for a long time until you decide to replace it yourself.

Trendy tile options

Today, many interior designers advise laying tiles vertically, or in rows using subtle details. This results in a modern design with a pronounced texture. Penny tiles are in particular demand. It fits in the form of a landscape or abstraction. The tile is in sheets, so laying it is quick and easy.

subtle details

Bathroom accent wall ideas: mosaic as an accent

If you lay out the accent wall in the bathroom in the form of mosaic tiles, an imitation of precious stones is created. They fill the space with energy.


There are several options for mosaic tiles:

  • medallions;
  • frescoes;
  • hydro abrasive;
  • octagonal;
  • glass.
mosaic tiles

In recent years, tiles that are hand-painted in the form of landscapes have been in special demand. Thanks to this, the eye is successfully focused on the bathroom accent wall. Waterjet tile is a recent development and is produced using a waterjet machine.

There is a waterjet mosaic that has brass or gold inserts. This is a very expensive model when compared with ceramic options. For modern interiors, it is appropriate to use tiles made of glass, natural stone, or moonstones. The patterns on it are smooth and intricate.

natural stone

Bathroom accent wall ideas: paint

In recent years, many people prefer to paint the accent walls rather than cover them with wallpaper. This is a very practical solution that can be done in a day. To enliven the interior of the bathroom, you can use bright colors.


In the coming season, the following shades are relevant:

  • french vanilla. This is the best option for lovers of snow-white interiors;
  • red and purple. It is an alternative to pink;
  • green;
  • golden.

In the bathroom, it is advisable to create a satin or semi-gloss finish. The choice depends on the level of humidity in the bathroom.


Wooden accent on the bathroom wall

Many people ask, can you put a wood accent wall in the bathroom? Today, many people like finishing materials made of wood. They help fill the space with natural materials. That is why more and more often in houses there are accent walls made of wood.

If you prefer homemade materials to save money, you can use recycled wood, or build a wall out of pallets. It is appropriate to use ceramic or porcelain tiles that imitate wood. This is the best option for bathrooms with a soaking tub because they have high humidity levels.

ceramic or porcelain

High-quality ceramic tiles do not scratch or stain. Recently, a lattice wall made of wood has become popular. This is a modern solution that makes the room come alive. Such a bathroom accent wall looks beautiful above the dressing table. It is appropriate to make such accent walls as space zoning.

Not only slatted but also corrugated walls look beautiful in the interior of the bathroom.

This is the best option for lovers of modern style. They have a smaller width, which facilitates the installation process.

It is possible to build various patterns from wooden slats. A lot of people love the Christmas tree pattern.

Black accent

Black accent color in the bathroom

If there is no bright or accent color in the space, the interior seems gloomy. In the bathroom, a black accent wall looks beautiful. It helps you relax and meditate.

On a black background, you can create brighter inserts. If you are not sure that you are ready for such experiments, you should first paint the wall gray or charcoal gray. This is a more neutral option that is appropriate.

A bathroom accent wall in black fills the space with elegance and sophistication. Against such a background, metal decor in the form of gold looks beautiful. Get a fantastic design that attracts attention.

gray or charcoal gray.

Blue accent wall

Many people like the shades of the sea or the sky. They allow you to calm down and evoke associations with cleanliness. The blue color is considered universal and harmoniously fits into the design of the bathroom, combined with snow-white or beige sanitary ware.

The blue color looks beautiful in combination with gold accents. You can decorate the bathroom accent wall with geometric or floral shapes.

sea or the sky.

Stone accent wall in the bathroom

An accent wall made of stone looks beautiful in the interior of the bathroom. It is appropriate to combine glossy tiles with wood panels. This allows you to achieve a layered texture. To visually enhance the bathroom design, you can combine 2-3 different textures. This creates a warm atmosphere in the modern bathroom.

Stone walls are practically not damaged, even if they are constantly in contact with moisture. That is why they are a practical solution for the partial wall.

Krazzy Blue resize

Bathroom accent wall ideas for a small room

Quite often there is a question, how do you accent a small bathroom? After all, such actions are quite difficult to perform in a small space. If the room is small, it is advisable to carry out vertical space.

You can paint the accent wall with a contrasting shade. Especially if the bathroom floor is dark. The contrast makes the space appear deeper. To increase capacity, you can hang open shelves at a height.


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How to make an accent wall in a modern bathroom

Many today choose interiors in a modern style. They consist of the use of monochrome colors, simple shapes, and clean lines. It is appropriate to use natural materials, as well as fill the space with natural light.

The accent wall should be done with continuous textures. If there are no restrictions in the budget, pay attention to natural stone. Its size should be equal to the wall, which is accented in the interior.

It is appropriate to use waterproof wallpaper in which there are no seams. They imitate perfectly natural stone. Of the minuses of such wallpapers, are that they do not differ in durability. You have to change them soon.

modern bathroom

Which wall in the bathroom should be accented?

Quite often, housewives wonder, which wall should be the accent wall in a bathroom? Before decorating an accent wall, you need to pick it up. Remember that such a surface attracts attention, that is, it should initially be focused on a specific function.

The accent visually zones, so what is located on such a wall should be important in terms of everyday life or bathroom design.

Which wall

Type of wall

What walls in the bathroom you can make an accent:

  • bath area – the walls behind the bath, which visually separates the washroom;
  • washroom + bath area – this is one wall on which all the main plumbing is located (sink, bathtub, faucets);
  • boxes – here you emphasize architectural solutions, but here it is also best to place some things. Often a heated towel rail and small things for storage or decor can be installed on the box;
  • accent wall for bathrobes and towels – the same story as with boxes, when you emphasize a secondary wall, leaving the main elements of the bathroom in the shadow of the community.

make an accent


As you can see, there are many ways to make an accent wall in the bathroom. The choice depends on the budget, preferences, as well as overall interior of the bathroom. However, it is better to focus on materials that are resistant to moisture.

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