10 living room over the sofa wall decor ideas

living room over the sofa wall decor ideas Wall Decor Ideas

If you have empty space above the sofa wall, you can fill it with some awesome decor. In this article, you’ll find interesting wall decor ideas that you can use in your living room to create an instant focal point in your room.

What can I put on the wall above my couch?

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There are a lot of art pieces that you can choose for your wall decor. Sometimes it can be hard to choose only one option. Try to pick up the one that matches your room decor perfectly.

The most popular pieces to decorate the living space are oversized mirrors, framed prints, hangings, lighting fixtures, and so on. If the blank wall space is vast, you can try bigger options, such as a large mirror or a large painting.

How to decorate the wall above the sofa?

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Here is the list of gorgeous wall art ideas that can inspire you to decorate the bare area above your sofa and fill it with some pictures or mirrors. They are easy to place and the effect is worth trying.

  1. Oversized mirror

Oversized mirror

The mirror is one of the best options for decorating the walls in your living room. It will add more light to your living space, especially if you place it near or across the windows. The mirrors will help you out by reflecting the natural light. This brightening effect will also make your room look larger.

If you want to enhance the illumination in the room, you may place a couple of sconces near the mirror. It will add a dramatic effect to your sofa wall decoration and will provide your space with extra light.

Consider, that a room with white walls should be lighted well, as it will create the effect of wide space. So, you can use not only the sconces but also other ways of decorative light. For instance, you can place a floor lamp beside your sofa. That will provide you with extra light and will make your living room feel cozy.

  1. Photo frames

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Despite looking minimalistic, even a single frame can revive the wall decor in the living room. If you want, you can form a combination of several frames and place them above the sofa in a way that suits you.

If you don’t want to add any paintings to your decor, empty frames will replace them perfectly. Their elegant look will add style to your wall art.

Also, if you’re keen on traveling or if you often use a map of some location, you can frame it and place it over your sofa. That’s how you’ll always see it when you need it. Also, you can make some marks on your map, for example, to track the places you’ve visited during your trip – it’s all up to your imagination.

Gallery wall 2

Gallery walls are quite a common way to draw attention to your wall behind the sofa. You can use different pieces for your gallery wall: awesome pictures, frames, posters or wall plates, whatever you like.

Gallery walls

Try to organize your gallery wall in the way that suits your room decor the most. You can try to combine the items before hanging them, so you’ll understand whether they match each other or not. After choosing a design, you can hang them above your couch.

room decor

If you’re not into a variety of wall hangings, you can pick up an alternative – one large piece of art. Choose an oversized painting that matches the color palette of your room and that will cover blank space on the wall and hang it.

  1. Floating shelves

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Having floating shelves in your living room is not only about comfort and convenience, it’s about the decor as well. Compact pretty shelves will help you to organize a certain design in your room while adding more space for your things.

shelves in your living room

You can put different items on the floating shelves and that will create a certain mood. They can be souvenirs, memorable photos, and other smaller pieces that will change your wall decor in the way that you want.

floating shelves

Thus, you’ll be able to show up precious things and have extra storage in your bureau or cupboard. If these shelves don’t provide you with enough space for such things as books, you can add some hanging bookshelves and keep your stuff there. By the way, they are more sturdy, so, this storage will be a great decision.

  1. Boho style

Boho style

Another simple way to redecorate your sofa wall is to use a boho design. For this wall decor, you can use any hanging that matches the whole design.

Generally, textiles can help you to create boho decor. They’re not very expensive and, if the hanging matches your design, it will give your sofa wall a stylish and modern look.

For instance, you can hang a macramé valance above your sofa that will create that boho effect. If you want to add some paintings, you can pick up Aztec prints that match your living room’s color palette.


Consider the size of the wall behind the sofa. For a large wall, choose a sizable hanging. It also matches perfectly with oversized sofas. As to little space, try a smaller hanging there, so you won’t make the room look smaller.

To add a bit of a retro look, you can use an old tapestry. If you hang it above your sofa, it will seem romantic and vintage, especially a pastel-colored one.

  1. Abstract art

Abstract art

Abstract art is another great idea of wall arts that will make your living room look unusual and original. You can pick up items of any size, form, and color – just make sure that it matches the design of your living room.

wall arts

The abstract artworks will modernize your sofa wall, so it’ll certainly be eye catching. For instance, items with a geometric design that matches the furniture will look great. You can choose one abstract piece of art for your living room and then match the other abstract pieces with it, e.g. rug and throw pillows.

  1. Rustic decorative pieces

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If you’re looking for some relaxed cozy design omitting modern style, you can prefer a rustic style. It will give you a cozy feeling of home. Despite a simple minimalistic look, the rustic style looks elegant and posh.

One of the DIY ideas is to make up pieces of wood and hang them above the sofa. For example, a 3-pieced wooden display will give your room a contemporary look. You can easily make it from any wood stuff in your house, and place them behind your sofa in the way that you like.

Also, you can find a chalkboard for your living room. It’s a very original decision that will revive your room. You can make funny notes for your family, and the top of the board can be used for placing some stuff on it, such as photos or prints.

  1. Houseplants


Here is one more way that’ll help you to revive your sofa wall and make it look more fresh – the houseplants. Practically, everyone has them at home, so you’ll certainly have a chance to use them in your decor.

You can both stand the plants on your shelf or place them near the sofa wall. Combine different sizes and types of plants. They can have different effects on your decor. A tall tree near your sofa will match perfectly with several small plants on the shelf.

By the way, if you don’t like real houseplants, you can always choose faux plants. They look great as well and you don’t have to take care of them. All you need to do is to wipe them from dust to keep them clean and tidy.

  1. Accent wall

Accent wall

Creating accent walls will add color and texture to your place. Also, you don’t need to paint your wall. This way is much easier – just bring there a panel or a mural.

You need to achieve a balance between the mural color and the color palette of your place. Make sure that it has a cohesive look. You can pick up any option that suits your decor. For example, buy a stunning mural matching your wallpapers and place it behind the sofa. It’s an easy way to add more color and texture to your living room.

  1. Leave a blank space

blank space

Sometimes leaving a bare space above the sofa is a great decision as the decor may be unnecessary there. The room space will seem more open and wide if you don’t place anything above your sofa.

An empty area will benefit if your room design is minimalistic and plain. Some people don’t like a bunch of items in their space, and that’s totally fine. If your style is simple and clear, you can leave it blank.

empty area

Also, sometimes you don’t need any extra ornament when the furniture is gorgeous itself. If you have an awesome sofa that doesn’t need extra decoration, just leave it the way it is. That’s how your sofa will draw attention and nobody will be distracted from watching it.

By the way, if you have white walls, try not to hang a lot of stuff on them as the fair color makes the space look wider. Thus, sometimes your walls don’t need decoration.


If you still have any questions about wall decor, here are the most frequently asked questions where you can find your answer.

How large should an outwork be behind a sofa?

Consider that your artworks should not be more than two-thirds the width of your sofa. That will provide your place with a good focal point that will be pleasant for the eyes.

As to the placement of the piece, it should be hung 60-inches from the center of the floor, so it’ll be at the level of your eyes. The height above the couch should be 4-6 inches in order to avoid fusion of the couch and the art piece.

Can I put a mirror above the sofa?

Mirrors above the sofa are always a good option as there are many advantages to doing that. It adds light to the room and makes your place look wider. Also, it looks stunning and allows you to look at the reflection whenever you like. So, the answer is yes, manage to place it above the sofa.

Final thoughts

Drawing up a conclusion, we would like to note that decorating the area above the sofa in your living room is a very important part of creating a design of the whole space. It’s quite important to have a well-decorated part in your room that will set the tone for the whole place.

Remember that the decor is up to you. Feel free to try unusual ways and designs that you like. The way you draw up your place reflects your inner world, so don’t be afraid to demonstrate it.

We hope that you’ll find inspiration in our article. Experiment and find a perfect decoration for the area above your couch!

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