Sherwin Williams naval color palette: rules for interesting matches

Sherwin Williams naval color palette: Top rules for matches Painting Color Ideas

Sherwin Williams Naval is ready to give your home a feeling of elegance and timeless style since it is rich and refined.

This deep navy-blue hue is connected to a hint of wealth, elegance, and extreme eccentricity, making it one of my all-time favorite Sherwin-Williams paint hues.

What color is Naval by Sherwin Williams?

Sherwin Williams Naval is a deep and rich navy color that reminiscences a night sky. This exquisite and luxurious color will fit perfectly into any interior.

Sherwin-Williams recently announced the rich, navy-blue hue Naval SW 6244 as the color of the year 2020. Evergreen Fog SW 9130 was introduced as the 2022 Sherwin-Williams Color.

This incredibly beautiful navy-blue color from the Sherwin-Williams line of paints has won the love of many customers. Many consider it the color of the year.

LRV of Sherwin Williams Naval paint color

Let’s turn to theory to understand why the dark blue colors are different:

The abbreviation LRV decodes as Light Reflectance Value. It is the reflection of light by a color on a scale of 0 to 100. The color theory assumes that a true black color has an LRV of 0. A pure white color has an LRV of 100.

SW Naval is a dark color that absorbs most of the light, so it requires a well-lighted space. This is the main reason why this color is dark and deep.

Naval has LRV on par with several true black paints, which is why it is so saturated.

So, The LRV of Sherwin Williams Naval paint is 4.

Undertones of Sherwin Williams Naval Blue

Naval is one of the deepest navy paint colors possible, it is truly mesmerizing in any space. The tone of Sherwin Williams Naval may be closer to purple, but Naval will not change much when exposed to light, and this paint color does not show a completely purple hue.

An actual color depends on several architectural features of the room, for example, its compass location, because natural light depends on it.

In rooms with windows facing north, at first glance, the color will seem darker.

When there is no sun, the color is likely to have a muted gray tint, but it is quite slight.

The color will appear considerably warmer when the windows are somewhere on the south or west.

Homeowners should also take into account other interior details and the parameters of the space.

How to use SW Naval?

Using Sherwin Williams Naval has several limitations.

First, Sherwin Williams Naval should not be used often because otherwise, it can become intimidating and overwhelming, since it is an accent color.

Homeowners only need to use it as an accent or bright shade for an additional piece of décor.

If you suddenly decide to use an elegant and luxurious color in a small room or without natural light, SW Naval can seem very gloomy. It will turn out to be a close color to black.

Moreover, it is better not to color all the walls with SW Naval because that will create the illusion of a tiny space.

What is the difference between the Hale navy and the Naval?

What color is Naval by Sherwin Williams?

Sherwin Williams Naval is a color that seems chilly and moody. This color can add an ambiance to any space.

It can create a sense of tranquility and restfulness, giving your room a lot of charm.

What color is Hale navy by Sherwin Williams?

This vibrant and successful navy color is great in combination with many other colors. We will take a look at it in various interiors and exteriors, so you can convince yourself just how good it is.

Is Sherwin Williams Naval cool or warm?

As you can see, the Naval demonstrates such a deep blue tone, in the color theory it is categorized as a cool color.

SW Naval equivalent colors

Are there any alternatives for SW Naval Blue? Let’s examine the following paint colors closely. 

  1. SW Naval vs. Sherwin Williams in the Navy

The Navy is mostly the same color as the Naval, but just a little less saturated. These navy paint colors are very similar to each other, you have to spend a lot of time with them to begin telling them apart.

LRV of both paint colors is 4 and the Navy is greener than the Naval, which has more gray.

  1. SW Naval vs. Sherwin Williams Anchors Aweigh

SW Anchors Aweigh and Naval are also incredibly similar, they are both very dark navy-blue colors.

The LRV of this pleasant cozy color is 3, besides the Anchors, Aweigh has a little more green.

  1. Sherwin Williams Naval vs. Charcoal Blue

These colors are easy to distinguish: Charcoal Blue’s darker blue hue has an LRV value of 6. It has a more purple undertone than Naval and is a little lighter.

  1. Sherwin Williams Naval vs. Cyberspace

The color with the name Cyberspace has much less color, and its LRV is 6. It is so dark that it can sometimes feel nearly like black, but it is in the same blue area as the Naval.

  1. Sherwin Williams Naval vs. Salty Dog

It has a lot of green, while Naval is much more like a true navy blue. Salty Dog is also slightly lighter than Naval, and its LRV is 5.

In case you like navy-blue colors, check out the comparison with this line as well:

  1. SW Naval vs. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Hale Navy is presented with an LRV of 6.4. It is a little more muted, it has a more charcoal color.

  1. Sherwin Williams Naval vs. Benjamin Moore Old Navy

The color named Old Navy is darker than Naval, its LRV is only 3.11. You may be surprised when comparing these two colors: it is so much close to purple, that it makes the Naval look almost purple.

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An alternative for SW Naval

If you still want that wealthy and gorgeous color, but something doesn’t satisfy you, perhaps look to the closest colors you can find.

You can use Indigo Batik, the darkest Sherwin-Williams color in this color palette. Naval, however, is a bit darker Sherwin Williams color.

This color is close to Naval, although it may look considerably lighter, which is evident in its LRV of 8.

Naval with its very deep LRV of 4 might be replaced with a less saturated color like Sherwin Williams Inkwell.

Coordinating colors with Sherwin Williams Naval (basic recommendations)

This dark and bold Naval pairs well with a range of materials like satin or polished brass, natural woven materials, tanned leather, faux, fur, walnut, or any other wood, especially with houseplants.

The color Naval SW goes best with crisp white (or maybe cream), rich gold, terracotta, light beige, warm gray, and black. You can also try to mix it with burnt orange or olive green.

This dark navy-blue paint color can be combined with other colors depending on your interior design style.

If you want to choose a certain white shade to combine with the Sherwin Williams Naval color palette, you can try Alabaster SW or Pure White SW. For a white trim, one can use a great and fresh color – Crushed Ice.

The Sea Salt shade can be considered a suitable green for the combination in the interior. A more relaxed design would be if you take Filmy Green.

You can also opt for some beige shade, it will be a wonderful combination in the design (take Natural Linen or Touch of Sand).

Perhaps the noblest option is the Dakota Wheat shade.

Eventually, a combination with gray might be advised: Big Chill or Zircon would be successful options for a living space. The shades Misty or Agreeable Gray are excellent choices too.

Equivalents for Naval (non-SW ones):

In case you still can’t find an appropriate color, you might consider the following navy-blue paints.

  • Valspar Indigo Streamer

This one of navy blues is a bit less saturated than Naval.

  • Behr Very Navy

Another dark blue paint, Very Navy, is a bit lighter and grayer than Naval.

Best places to use Sherwin Williams Naval

Sherwin Williams Naval is an accent color, so it is worthwhile to be careful when applying the paint. Here are some tips:

  •  Accent Wall

Sherwin Williams Naval on an accent wall will make it more distinctive, creating a cozy vibe in the room.

Also, this color will be able to balance out a room that has problems with proportions, as deep paint colors can visually change the parameters of a space.

  • Kitchen Cabinets

In the kitchen, the cabinets might be painted with Sherwin Williams Naval for an elegant and stylish interior.

This color will look great in combination with hardware decorated with some golden elements.

And, of course, don’t forget about the combination with the color white, or with some bold decisions like polished chrome or even matte black.

  • Bedroom

Painting a Sherwin-Williams Naval bedroom is a fantastic idea, as it is a perfect color for relaxation and comfort.

Also, your bedroom in dark colors will become ultra-stylish.

  • Nursery

You can pick a bold and navy color, such as SW Naval, to finish the accent wall in the nursery.

It is always an option to try creating mysterious patterns in a child’s room.

  • Exteriors

SW Naval for the exterior walls can look attractive when combined with pure white and black complementary colors to create a solid nautical color palette.

This navy-blue paint will look very bold and clean as an exterior wall color.

  • Front Door

A Sherwin Williams Naval front door will make your own house attractive and is sure to catch the attention of your neighbors.

A navy blue front door will look great with deterrent shades of white, light gray, or beige, especially in the trim.

Be careful, on very sunny sides of the house the paint can fade quickly, and you’ll have to repaint your front door.

  •  Bathroom

Sherwin Williams Naval bathroom or laundry room will look amazing, this color will add beauty and boldness to your room. Better still, do not fill the bathroom with this color, but instead, take it as a color for your walls.

  • Cabinets

Overall, Sherwin Williams Naval cabinets will be appropriate in any space as they add visual interest to a space.

The combination with gold hardware, white tile on the back wall, or any SW pure white paint color will be especially striking when decorating Sherwin Williams Naval cabinets.

  • Dining room

Such navy-blue paint is a successful decision for the dining room, designed in the style of art deco.

Q&A section

What is the best navy-blue paint color?

Color selection is individual to each home and depends on your aesthetic preferences.

However, some of the most beautiful colors in color schemes are SW Naval itself, but also BM Hale Navy, BM Gentleman’s Gray, and SW Dress Blues.

Does the paint match the wood and natural tones?

The wood tones and elements complement this color perfectly. Naval looks good with most wood tones.

Can I use SW Naval on the walls in a tiny room?

Of course, you can because there are no actual rules for decorating, so you can pick up such a dark blue paint that will, for example, enlarge the space of your room.

If you want to create a cozy atmosphere, then use a navy-blue paint color, such as BM Gentleman’s Gray, in a small room.

Last few words

Remember to be very careful and do not forget to prepare the walls before applying a specific and atmospheric dark color like Naval, which needs to be treated with care.

SW Naval is the color of luxurious beauty – perfect for any modern interior.

Good luck in decorating your living space according to your desires!

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